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Circus, music and clown theater

The Return is the story of a family of wandering acrobats. For years, they have put on the same show wherever they go, setting up camp as always in a barren field on the edge of town. Now, their crowds are sparse and the members of the troupe are slacking off. But one fine day, while doing their daily chores, they realize that there is an audience just waiting for a show. They must now get going, face the music and show off their many talents.

The Return is a truly unique adventure brimming with originality. This family of characters, where each is wilder than the next, show their stuff through the circus arts, comedy and energetic live music, making for a crazy rock-and-roll circus! Les Parfaits Inconnus always give a musical and physical performance that will leave you in awe!

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Directed by

Soizick Hébert et James Kealon


  • Éric Boudreault ou Philippe Lemay
  • Ariane Cabana
  • Gonzalo Coloma
  • Sylvain Dubois
  • Andy Giroux ou Jonathan Brochu
  • Philibert Hébert-Filion
  • Patrick Mainville


Cloé Alain


Les Parfaits Inconnus


Les Parfaits Inconnus


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