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"Among the shows bringing extra buzz to the Vancouver International Children’s Festival … is Les Parfaits Inconnus—a circus that defies every stereotype of glitz and Vegas-style glam you might harbour.
Sure, this troupe has mad skillz in juggling, acrobatics, magic, and other tricks, but the joy of its finely crafted show is its playful lack of pretention. It’s rare to see this level of physical spectacle … and even rarer to see a show that can so fully entertain all ages. On opening night, everyone from two-year-olds to middle-age dads were enthralled when they weren’t busting a gut. And did we mention it’s all melded together with rock music, with some off-the-hook guitarists and one kick-ass drummer? Hilarious, endearing, and gravity-defying: you’ve never seen anything quite like it."
The straight Vancouver, May 26th 2015
"My daughter’s eyes sparkled — her mouth open in disbelief — as she witnessed the remarkable acrobatic routine that was taking place on stage. With five chairs stacked like a game of Jenga beneath him, the performer used his impressive strength to balance himself like an Olympic gymnast. Adults and children alike were gobsmacked by the amazing display of skill by the Quebec circus arts ensemble Les Parfaits Inconnus, which combine music, acrobatics, juggling and comedy to produce one mightily impressive show. (...) The aforementioned acrobatic performance by Les Parfaits Inconnus which was excellent. (...) Les Parfait Inconnus is for all ages"
Apt 613 Web site Ottawa, Canada 9 mai 2015