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© Les Parfaits Inconnus 2019


In an abandoned lot on the outskirts of town, a family of travelling circus performers stop and set up camp the way they always do as part of their life on the road. For years now, they’ve been presenting their show from town to town, even though lately their audiences have been declining.


One idle day, as our young bohemians are quietly keeping busy with small daily chores, they suddenly notice the unexpected presence of an audience fully determined to be highly entertained.

Their performer’s instinct suddenly reawakened by this surprising visit, our travelling acrobats step up to the plate and showcase their multiple talents to the delight and awe of the public.

In each number, that same public, entranced by such sweet madness, gets to discover new colourful characters involved in occasionally clashing yet always off the wall exchanges that binds the performers for an entire life of circus, craziness and rock'n'roll!