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© Les Parfaits Inconnus 2019


The jukebox, like vinyl records, is an icon of a completely different era. This beautiful luminous object around which people gathered, symbolized pleasure. Today, after its retirement,
Les Parfaits Inconnus is reestablishing its letters of nobility. The jukebox comes alive again.


Some thoughts on the passing of time. Will we also be put into retirement? Will we always

be able to entertain? dazzle? fascinate?

That’s what inspired our story. Like the icon of the past, the dean, feeling older under the eyes of his friends, puts his skills on test and lets his imagination run wild.

The curtain opens on a living jukebox through which musicians enter and exit before your eyes. The selections of vinyles animates surprising, breathtaking, hilarious and touching performances.

With this new show, Les Parfaits Inconnus rejuvenates itself and explores completely new areas of circus creation. Original music tinged with electro, rock and klezmer contribute to provide a unique experience for the audience.


JUKEBOX is circus, music and comedy at its best.

Pure moments of emotion and poetry to enjoy!