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© Les Parfaits Inconnus 2019


Les Parfaits Inconnus company is a non-profit organization and has been producing and presenting circus shows in Canada and abroad since it was founded in 2006, in Montreal.

Under its own mandate, the company seeks to discover new ways of merging circus techniques with musical performance and then present the results through the medium of a specific theatrical set-up.

It is this artistic choice of combining circus, music and theater within a single performance structure that makes Les Parfaits Inconnus stand apart from longer established troupes and companies.

"Hilarious, endearing and gravity-defying: you've never seen anything quite like it!"
"At the end of a one hour show, the complet audience eyes were filled with cheers, laughs and surprises!"
"My daughter's eyes sparkled as she witnessed the remarkable acrobatics and live rock'n'roll music!"